Malmö Commitment

on Inclusive & Equitable Communities

The Malmö Commitment

Positioning local and regional governments at the centre of the global response to today’s challenges!

Cities, towns, and regions all around the world are vibrant hubs of people with the strength, knowledge and capacity to drive significant change. Nowadays, we are facing multiple, interconnected challenges: the climate and nature crises as well as social injustices. Communities can be part of the solution to today’s challenges, encouraging sustainable approaches, innovation, adaptability, participation, and inclusiveness.

The Malmö Commitment empowers local and regional governments to prioritize all people and social equity at the core of local sustainable development. And to foster safe, vibrant cities, towns, regions, and communities for all to live, work, and thrive, through three key elements: our cities, towns, and regions shall be for all, we shall promote safe and healthy urban spaces, we shall ensure just transitions to a sustainable local economy providing opportunities for dignified livelihoods to all.

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